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   Hebi Huatong analytical instruments , Co., Ltd. in research and development, production and sale of coal quality testing equipment , coal quality analytical instrumentsCoal quality testing instruments , the CHAR laboratory equipment , coal analysis instrument and dust removal equipment , instrumentation , high-tech enterprises . The main products are : calorimeter , sulfur analyzer , hydrogen tester , high temperature furnace , moisture meter , ash melting point tester , oven, caking index , gelatinous layer , drum sieve shaker , vibration sieve machine , the system kind of crushing shrink separation equipment , etc. the products are widely used in coal, metallurgy, electric power, food , building materials , chemical , pharmaceutical , railway and universities and other laboratories , we warmly welcome to establish extensive cooperation with colleagues and the community . Over the years , the company favored by the majority of users for its advanced technology , sophisticated technology and thoughtful service .


   该公司是一个规范的现代化企业,严格执行ISO90012000质量管理体系。改革创新,不断完善。在设计、生产、开发、市场、财务及人力资源等各个环节,全部实施了数字化管理;煤质化验设备、煤质分析仪器、煤质检测仪器、煤焦化验设备,煤炭分析仪器及粮食仓储等仪器仪表的技术水平在国内同行业中处于领先地位。 华通人以更新、更高、更好的标准向用户提供优质价廉的仪器设备,并为用户提供优质的售后及人员培训等服务工作。华通的营销、技术服务网络覆盖全国,能为用户提供周到、快捷、专业化的售前、售中、售后且全方位咨询和本地化服务。

     As a normative modern enterprise, the company strictly implement ISO9001:2000 quality management system. Reform and innovation, and constantly improve. In the design, production, development, marketing, financial and human resources and so on each link, the full implementation of the digital management; Coal quality laboratory equipment, coal quality analytical instruments, coal quality testing instruments, testing equipment, capital of coal analysis instrument and the technology level of grain storage, such as instruments and meters in the country in a leading position in the industry. Huatong to newer, higher and better standards to provide customers with high quality and cheap equipment, and provide users with high-quality after-sales service as well as personnel training work. Huatong marketing, technical service network covering the whole country, can provide users with thoughtful, efficient and professional pre-sale, sale and after-sale services and comprehensive consultation and localization.



Company tenet: quality of survival , technology and development , to manage for efficiency .


Corporate culture:


Enterprise spirit: unity , communication , collaboration , innovation


Business goals : create excellent brand , creating the well-known products , create Huatong


Enterprise tenet: quality of life , to the fundamental integrity


Extension services market , science and development


Service concept: everything for customer satisfaction .



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